Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff has stated that the country is prepared to use various forces in order to ensure that the security of visiting fans is maintained. Brazil will be hosting the World Cup 2014, which is expected to pull together more than 1 million visitors in June.

There will be more visitors to the stadiums, while many more are also expected to watch the matches from open telecast zones. Due to the recent history of the country, fans are concerned about the security ahead of the visit.

A number of national presidents have come out and warned fans that they should be cautious when visiting Brazil. The country recently witnessed an uprising during the Confederations cup, which was largely seen my home supporters, in order to protest against the government spending huge amounts of money on developing stadiums rather than infrastructure. Rousseff has said that the government is prepared to even use the military if in case the country needs to bring down an uprising.

This will be one of the several tournaments Brazil are scheduled to host in the next few years. Fan fests, which are a way to watch matches by those who don't have tickets, is thought to concern Brazil due to the lack of security in such areas.

"We are always discussing. We are open. Following what happened last June with the demonstrations, and for security issues, we are always open to move from the first location we have agreed on to the next location which is safer. We agreed that in Brasilia the Fan Fest will not be located where we were thinking but in a new place," said FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke about the progress made in this regard.

Brazil will open the tournament with a match against Croatia on 13 June.