Brazil’s sport minister has stated that the nation is facing a problem with crime rather than terrorism during the upcoming World Cup 2014. This is one of the prestigious events that will be held in Brazil over the next few years.

This country is also set to hold the upcoming Olympics as well. The precursor for the World Cup 2014 – Confederations cup – did not go too well since it was marked by large protests against the government for spending huge amounts of money on stadiums rather than developing the infrastructure.

There have been warnings from anonymous groups that they will target the government during the World Cup as well. There has also been the threat of terrorism, which has abated in recent years due to the efforts of the United States and United Kingdom combined in regions like Afghanistan and Iraq. Sports minister Aldo Rebelo stated that the people of Brazil were right to protest against the government, but the steps taken to protest made it appear more like combating. He says that the people should elect to protest in a more peaceful manner.

Despite the World Cup being just a few months away, Brazil has not yet handed some of the stadiums to FIFA. There has been the constant threat of the World Cup being moved into a different location, which would have been catastrophic in an economic sense for the South American country.

"Protesting is a right but destruction and threats to life, this is not protesting, this has to be combatted. We all know that Brazil is an unequal country. Football has no responsibility for inequality in Brazil. We will have all the stadia ready. The country will be prepared to welcome the tourists, the delegations with all the care necessary. There is the common crime - the police, the military, everything is being done,” said Rebelo.