Canada has once again failed to qualify for a World Cup

Throughout the entire history of the Canadian national football team, they have consistently struggled to qualify for the World Cup.

As each year passes by, Canada just can’t seem to snatch a qualification spot that would allow them to compete in the worldwide competition.

The 2018 edition of the FIFA World Cup is edging closer and national sides are attempting to snatch a spot for this approaching competition by competing in qualification matches with each national team trying to secure victory.

Unfortunately for the Canadian national side, they have already played all of their qualification games and did not secure enough points to advance into the next rounds of the upcoming World Cup.

Canada was pitted in group A along with Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador. Canada played all of their 6 qualification matches and could only gather 7 points which wasn’t enough for the Canadian national side to get a spot that would allow them to progress past these group stages of the competition.

The last time that Canada managed to actually qualify for a World Cup was back in 1986 and they have failed to do it ever since then. Despite having changed managers on multiple occasions, it hasn’t made asignificant impact upon Canada’s chances of qualifying and competing in the biggest tournament in the world of football.

Since Benito Flores took over as the head coach of the Canadian national football team, the national side has been performing better as many of the players have admitted that their preparation for matches has actually helped to raise the way that the squad thinks about their games.

Even with this development that the Canadian national squad has experienced, it has not been enough for them to qualify in the next edition of the World Cup.