The recent FIFA scandals will not affect Russia’s 2018 World Cup

A few months ago, a number of head executives of FIFA were hit with bans due to scandals involving bids in relation to previous World Cups as well as upcoming ones.

Following this incident, Russia’s bid to host the approaching 2018 World Cup was a questionable one and this bid was re-evaluated.

After all the investigations uncovered a series of scandals and things of this nature, one of the executives of FIFA that decided to resign was Sepp Blatter and was replaced by Gianni Infantino.

Gianni Infantino is the president of FIFA and he confirmed that Russia is indeed going to host the upcoming 2018 World Cup and despite the allegations of corruption involving Russia’s bid, Infantino cleared the air as the football administrator said: “The World Cup 2018 will take place in Russia of course. This decision has been taken six years ago almost. It is now my job as FIFA president, together with Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko and all the Russian population actually to make sure we deliver the best World Cup ever here in Russia.”

After being elected as the successor of Sepp Blatter, Gianni Infantino visited Russia and he is determined to turn the 2018 World Cup into the best one ever.

Preparations are taking place in Russia for the upcoming global football competition. Russia won the bid to host the 2018 edition of the World Cup during the FIFA Congress in Guatemala back in December of 2010.
One of the things that FIFA and the World Cup in general is being critiqued about is due to the lack of technological equipment that is utilized in big events, more specifically video technology.

Sepp Blatter was never a fan of utilizing technology in the sport of football and this is why it was never really utilized at the big stage but Gianni Infantino does want to start utilizing technology as he believes that it can enhance the sport.

There was an incident that occurred during the 2010 FIFA World Cup during England’s match against Germany that caused uproar and has had enormous repercussions and it involved Frank Lampard scoring a goal but it was later disallowed even though the ball had clearly passed the goal-line.

Gianni Infantino is hoping that incidents like this one won’t repeat and its one of the main reasons of why he is pushing forward with the inclusion of video technology for the upcoming events in the world of football.