Portuguese national football Team has best Year 2014

2014 was a huge year for the Portuguese national football team as they went through a change in their managerial position that initially brought forward a string of doubts and concerns as Paulo Bento was replaced by the former coach of Greece, Fernando Santos.

Portugal failed to make it out of the group stages of the 2014 World Cup as they had the same amount of points as United States which was 4 but the American team had a better goal difference which made the difference.

When the group stages of the 2016 Euro’s initiated, Portugal continued to suffer as they lost 1-0 when facing off with Albania and the tactics of Paulo Bento did not seem like it was working out as the team were just too reliant on Real Madrid’s C.Ronaldo.

This string of negative results was just too much for the Portuguese squad to handle and Fernando Santos was later announced as the new coach who has made a huge impact in the team.

Santos has given a chance to other players to step up and perform at the international stage for Portugal which is the case of Southampton’s Jose Fonte as well as Adrien Silva and Cedric Soares from Sporting Lisbon who all have been making impressive performances and displayed their quality when playing with their respective clubs.

Under the guidance of Fernando Santos, Portugal has claimed successive victories over Denmark and Armenia which has allowed them on securing the 2nd spot in Group I as well as turning into favorites on progressing and qualifying into the next rounds of the tournament which will be hosted by France in 2016.

The future is looking bright for Portugal as Fernando Santos has turned out to be the correct decision, now it’s his task to continue pushing the Portuguese nation to more impressive victories.