Qatar Launches Another Completed Stadium for World Cup

On Monday, Qatar officially launched the third completed stadium for FIFA World Cup 2022. The third stadium named Education Cityis officially going to host matches until the quarter-finalsand they have the capacity to hold 40,000 people. The launch where the official members of both FIFA and Qatar have participated they have given tribute to all the workers for the fight against COVID 19.

FIFA presidentGianni Infantino said, “New stadium in Education City reminds us that football will return like how it’s happening in certain regions around the world."

Secretary-General for Supreme Committee for Delivery Hasan AlT hawadi said that everyone has experienced how the COVID 19 has affected the world economy. They are having talks with various stakeholders and economists regarding the financial setback and will make the tournament more affordable to everyone. There are still two years left for World Cup and the committee can learn a lot from the organizers of Tokyo Olympics, Premier League, and Bundesliga.
Qatar World Cup 2022 CEO Nasser Al Khatar, by backing up Al Thawadi, has said that even before the setback caused by COVID 19 their focus was on to make the tournament affordable. This has been made clear when Qatar hosted the Club World Cup as everything was on the affordability rate of a common person.
In the launch, they talked about how the economicalstatus could affect football all over the world. Bundesliga CEO Christian Seifert has said that the clubs in German league will survive this situation but it time to introduce salary caps. He said the current situation has brought many troubles to the clubs and with certain limitations and regulations,every club will be able to maintain financial stability.
There are many opinions regarding the future of football. Professor Simon Chadwick, a football author and academic has said that the football world was unprepared for this and will effect from the top clubs to the last ones. Arsene Wenger has said that football has to change and people should think of new ways. The leagues and clubs would have to adapt and be prepared for future crisis.