Qatar at Rank 55 According to FIFA

This climb for the national team of the host country of the 2022 World Cup was reported recently and it has been a historic year for them because they have managed to win the Asia Cup that was held in the United Arab Emirates. This means that they have won a total of seven matches out of all the games they have played. Only a goal was suffered in the final match that was against Japan in comparison with the 19 goals that they have scored.

Qatar got a historic success during the year when they got some other important victories as well like the match against Paraguay that they draw with 2-2 score. In the 2022 World Cup qualifying matches, Qatar has obtained four victories and one draw. The country is gradually becoming a protagonist and leader with respect to global football and is currently hosting the FIFA World Cup club which will end soon. A meeting between the FIFA committee for strategic development along with other delegates from 20 national federations like Oceania, Asia, and Africa was held in Doha.