Ronaldinho Is Sending a Message to Messi As He Cherishes His World Cup 2022 Win

Over a month after Argentina’s win led by Lionel Messi at Qatar World Cup 2022, Ronaldinho, the Brazilian expressed his joy over the achievement of his former Barcelona teammate.

At World Cup 2022, Messi, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner ultimately took home the coveted prize. He always wanted this after he had inspired his nation to their first win in the Championship in 1986 during the reign of Diego Maradona.

Ronaldinho, the former Brazil international had been happy to see a fellow all-time win a prestigious award as he had done in 2002 and expects the PSG star is now going to play freely and openly for the rest of his career.
Ronaldinho, at a Mundo Deportivo event, stated that he is very happy about his victory in the World Cup 2022. He said that nobody imagined him out of Barcelona but things keep happening in football.
Barcelona legend sent an inspiring message to Messi where he said that now he should continue.
Ronaldinho had been able to leave Barcelona in 2008 due to the rise of Lionel Messi but the FIFA World Cup player of the year keeps an eye on things in the Catalan club. He has witnessed fellow countryman Raphinha join the Camp Nou team this year and is certain that the clever winger is going to succeed after they overcome a sluggish start to the tenure of La Liga.
Raphinha is a great player and Ronaldinho says that he knows him well, since he was little. He believes that things are going to turn out well for him at Barcelona.
Barcelona is in first place in the standings of Liga in 2022-23 as they try to reclaim the domestic title from Real Madrid-the arch-rival. In the meantime, Messi is considering an offer extension from PSG.