Spain Tastes Dust In 2014 World Cup

Spain being the defending champions was trailing by 2-0 in front of Chile. This was the second loss of Spain in 2014 World Cup in just five days. It was Eudardo Vargas and Charles Arranguiz who led their team to victory. The golden era seem to be crashing apart for Spain after winning in 2008 and 2012 in the European Championship 2010 triumph in the World Cup.

Spain has equalled the unnecessary record of Italy to be crashed out of the World Cup in two games. But credit needs to be given to Chile as it was their first triumph in 11 meetings against the Spaniards. In the first group game itself against Netherlands they tasted defeat by 5-1. In spite of leaving the stars Xavi and Pique by the coach things did not turn around for Spain. It was Chile from the very beginning in the match who was aggressive After Varga’s shot Spain tried to speed up but their mistakes were too many to be corrected. Xabi in the 20th minute handed it to Arranguiz who further slipped it to Vargas and the captain of Spain Casillas could do nothing to refrain the ball from meeting the net.

The defence of Spain proved to be ineffective. Eventually the game sped up and Ramos tries to shoot a spectacular goal. The Spanish players could not believe Casillas punching it to Alexis Sanchez the star of Barcelona to a free kick. In the second half of the game Spain seemed to be in pity. On the other hand the goalkeeper of Chile proved strong. It was a shocking defeat for the Spaniards who dominated the world of football last year. The experience and joy of Spain ended with a disastrous exit from 2014 World Cup. The Spaniards have to analyse deep to regain their momentum.