Vladimir Putin claims World Cup 2018 to be most Interesting

Russian president Vladimir Putin has claimed that the World Cup 2018 will go down as one of the best events in world football.

Russia will be hosting the next edition of the World Cup with a lot of controversies surrounding the event, host, and the organisers. Fifa has been caught up in a corruption scandal with allegations that many of the voting members receive kickbacks for making Russia as the host of the 2018 World Cup. The tournament will be held from June 14 and will run for almost a month before concluding on July 15.

Amongst the earl favourites are Brazil and Argentina, with odds of 5/1 available on the Selecao - though better odds are available if oyu use a promo code.

Despite the concerns about racism and other aspects, Russia will be going ahead with the construction work for the competition. Several new stadia are being built for this purpose, while the public infrastructure will be improved tremendously in order to cope with the mass influx of tourists for almost 2 months. Hotels and other aspects of the economy are set to receive a huge boost. This boost cannot come at a better time for Russia, whose economy has been hit hard in recent months. A total of 11 cities will be hosting different matches across the course of the tournament. Putin says that the country will definitely be ready to welcome the 32 nations for this tournament.

“We are always happy to see guests and promise to organize a grandiose sports celebration, which I’m sure will go down in the history of world sport and world football, and, most important, will bring even closer the large, friendly international football family.Preparations for the Football World Cup are continuing full speed ahead in 11 of Russia’s cities and everything will be done in order to receive 32 of the leading teams of the planet with merit, create conditions to show them all of our skill,” said Putin.